Ski and snowboard competition

Together with Switzerland Tourism Party

About Slalom

The Russian-Swiss ski and snowboarding slalom for amateur athletes
is held annually at the Arosa ski resort in the Swiss Alps.
The competition occurs with an intense cultural program including art events, Apres-ski parties, ballet performances and classical music concerts accompanied by high-end Swiss cuisine.
Participation (membership) at Arosa Slalom requires an invitation from an existing member
or a membership application approved by our committee of trustees.
Please complete your application to be considered for membership and to take a part in the slalom.
You should be registered and the entrance fee has been paid at least 1 month prior to the tournament.
The list of guests and participants includes business and art elites from the two countries and is extensively covered by the leading Russian and European media.

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Finished 27-29 of January 2017
Oncoming 26-28 of January 2018

Prizes and participants

Top-managers, CEOs and owners of medium business and large enterprises compete for the Arosa Triumph Cup, participation at the next year competition, special prizes from the partners.



Pascal Jenny

The Arosa Slalom ambassador in Switzerland

Travel adventure attracts and unites like-minded people, who are passionate about sport and travelling, active and open to something new.
The Travel Adventure events - Triumph Polo Cup and Triumph Slalom are showing the beauty of these kinds of sport to Russian and Swiss spectators and opening new opportunities for communication and cooperation.

Mikhail RodziankoRussia’s best polo player

Vivid and dynamic, The Travel Adventure drags the attention of the sports business intellectuals.
A fascinating association of active leaders of Russian and Swiss companies
for effective cooperation, strong relationship, and memorable recreation.

Pascal Jenny The president of Switzerland Tourism Party